Ensure Safety and Preparedness with Customized Marathon First Aid Kits

marathon first aid kit
As a marathon organizer, it is critical to ensure the safety of your runners. One factor that cannot be overlooked is having a comprehensive medical emergency kit. In this article, we discuss marathon first aid kits and the criteria for components to meet the requirements of a marathon and provide the best medical coverage for runners.

Customized for your marathon:

Each country and region requires a different marathon first aid kit. Therefore, at Samyang Medical, we provide you with the best customized solution to meet the requirements of the race. Our team of professionals will design a marathon first aid kit to meet your requirements in terms of race conditions, number of participants and any specific medical situation. This customized approach speaks to equipping your marathon with the most appropriate medical components for any potential emergency.

Expertise and Quality Assurance:

With years of experience in the industry, our factory has developed a reputation for providing high quality marathon first aid kits. Our products have been used extensively in marathons and other large events that require reliable emergency preparedness. They are popular with event organizers, medical facilities and volunteers. All of our products are rigorously tested and adhere to international safety standards, including FDA and CE certifications. With us, you can rest assured that the first aid kits provided to your runners are reliable, durable, and meet the highest quality standards.

Comprehensive supplies and documentation:

Our custom marathon first aid kits include a range of essential supplies specifically tailored for runners. From bandages and antiseptic wipes to specialized braces and support items such as orthopedic tape and kinesiology tape (K-Tape), our first aid kits address common running-related injuries and promote quick recovery. In addition, we offer an up-to-date first aid manual that provides step-by-step instructions for handling a variety of emergencies to ensure proper treatment when needed.

Necessary wound care supplies:

Soreness, blisters and other minor wounds are common among marathon runners. Our first aid kits are equipped with the necessary wound care supplies, including antiseptic wipes, various sizes of bandages and antibiotic ointment. These items promote proper wound hygiene, minimize the risk of infection, and speed the healing process.
airplane medical kit
All accessories can be made according to your needs. Alternatively, you can choose our first aid kit with complete components.
1 Medical oxygen bag 42L 1pc
2 Simple respirator AdultPVC 1pc
3 Mouth to Mouth Breathing Mask 2pcs
4 Trauma debridement suture kit 1pc
5 Identification Card 4pcs
6 Blood pressure gauge 1pc
7 Stethoscope Single 1pc
8 Medical flashlight 1pc
9 Percussion hammer Metal 1pc
10 Thermometer Mercury 1pc
11 Medical absorbent gauze 50×80cm 2pcs
12 Rollsplint 11·92cm 1pc
13 Fracture Fixation Splint Wooden 1pc
14 Triangular bandage 96×96×135cm 2pcs
15 Banadge 10×600cm 2pcs
16 latex tourniquet 1pc
17 Disposable sterile dressing 3pcs
18 Alcohol pads 5×5cm 10pcs
19 ladine cotton pads 5×5cm 10pcs
20 First Aid Blanket 130×210cm 1pc
21 medical ice pack 120g 1pc
22 Medical Latex Exam Cloves 2pcs
23 Medical Surgical Mask Disposable 2pcs
24 Medical Antipyretic Patch Disposable 2pcs
25 Medical scissors 12.5cm 1pc
26 Medical tweezers 14cm 1pc
27 Spatula Stainless steel 1pc
28 Hemostat 14cmstraight 1pc
29 T shaped opener 130mm
NO ltemName Specification Qty
30 Tongue pliers 170mm 1pc
31 BandAid 20pcs
32 Small Grinding 2×2cm 2pcs
33 Safety pin 4pcs
34 Kidney plate Stainless steel 1pc
35 Breathable tape 1.25cm×900cm 1pc
36 First aid manual 1pc
37 Medical bag 45×19×34cm 1pc
When it comes to marathons, being prepared and prioritizing safety is paramount. Our custom marathon first aid kits provide you with the necessary first aid tools. With tailored supplies, the latest first aid manuals, brace and support items and wound care supplies, keep your race safe with our custom marathon first aid kits.

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