What to include in your boating first aid kit?

boating first aid kit

Preparation is essential for boating adventures, but they also carry potential risks. A boating first aid kit that is well-stocked can be a valuable resource for unexpected emergencies. This comprehensive guide will help you decide what to include in your first aid kit for boating.

first aid kit for boats

1. Basic First Aid Supplies

Adhesive bandages: Available in different sizes to cover minor cuts, scrapes and blisters.

Sterile Gauze: Sterile Gauze is used to cover larger wounds and as padding.

Antiseptic wipes or solution: To clean wounds and prevent infection.

Medical tape: Holds bandages and dressings in place.

Scissors & Tweezers : for cutting bandages and tape and removing splinters.


2. Water Safety Equipment

Life Jackets: Make sure there are enough life jackets that fit properly for each passenger.

Throw Rope: A floating rope to be thrown to someone in water to rescue them.

Life Ring or Buoy : Ensures that someone in distress can be reached and buoyant.

Air Horn or Whistle: Alerts and signals nearby vessels to help in an emergency.


3. Motion Sickness Management

Motion Sickness Pills: Over-the-counter or prescription medications for nausea.

Anti-Nausea Wristbands : Acupressure wristbands that relieve motion sickness symptoms.

Ginger tablets or candies are natural remedies to calm an upset stomach.


4. Specialized Medical Treatment in Unique Environments

Sunscreen with high SPF to protect from harmful UV rays.

Aloe vera gel: Provides relief for sunburns.

Electrolyte replenishment: Rehydration oral solution or electrolyte beverages to combat dehydration.

first aid kit for a boat

5. Water-related accidents:

Waterproof Flashligh: Waterproof Flashlight is essential for emergencies at night or in low visibility conditions.

Emergency Whistle: Loud and attention grabbing to signal distress.

Emergency blanket: Provides warmth in the event of exposure to cold waters.


6. Basic CPR and Life Support:

CPR Mask: Protects rescuers while performing mouth to mouth resuscitation.

AED (Automated external Defibrillator), a device that delivers electric shocks in cardiac emergencies.

First Aid Manual: This manual provides instructions on how to administer CPR and basic Life Support.


7. The Onboard Medical Guide

Emergency Contact Information: A list of local medical facilities and emergency contacts.

Medical History Forms: Record crew member’s allergies, medical conditions and medications.

First Aid Procedures: Step-by step guide to administering first-aid for common boating accidents and emergencies.


8. Personalised Care

Prescription Medicines: Make sure you have enough prescription medication for chronic illnesses.

Establish an emergency plan that outlines roles and responsibilities for medical emergencies.


You can reduce risks by assembling a boating first aid kit that is well-stocked and maintained. This will make your boating trip safer and more fun for everyone onboard. Enjoy the wonders of water responsibly by staying prepared and safe.

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