What’s inside an airplane’s emergency medical kit?

airplane medical kit

Medical emergencies on an airplane can arise unexpectedly and quickly require immediate medical assistance. To meet such situations, each aircraft carries an emergency medical kit which ensures passenger and crew wellbeing during critical health incidents at high altitudes. Let’s take a closer look at its contents to discover whether your airplane first kit meets these criteria.


What is included in the emergency medical kit on the plane?

1.1 Medications and Pharmaceuticals:
An emergency medical kit includes carefully chosen medications and pharmaceuticals, such as pain relievers, antihistamines, bronchodilators, anti-emetics and cardiac emergency drugs like aspirin or nitroglycerin for immediate relief and stabilizing critical situations until professional assistance arrives. These items provide crucial relief immediately until professional assistance arrives.


1.2 Medical Equipment and Instruments:
This kit includes various medical instruments to assist in diagnosing and treating medical emergencies, such as blood pressure gauges, stethoscopes, syringes, needles, intravenous (IV) fluids and other necessary items that allow trained personnel to evaluate patient conditions, administer treatments as necessary and provide basic life support if required.


1.3 Maintaining an airway that remains clear and secure during emergencies is of utmost importance, which is why emergency medical kits contain airway management tools like oral airways, suction devices and bag-valve-mask (BVM) devices to aid with oxygenation and ventilation for patients experiencing difficulty with breathing or who require resuscitation.


1.4 Diagnostic Aids and Instruments:
An emergency medical kit may contain diagnostic aids to assist in evaluating and diagnosing medical conditions. This may include tools such as glucometers for measuring blood glucose levels, thermometers for monitoring body temperature and pulse oximeters that measure oxygen saturation levels – providing medical professionals with vital data necessary for making informed decisions regarding patient care.

large first aid kit

Senyang Medical’s High-Quality Airplane Medical Kit

Our airplane medical kit stands out with its use of 1680D double strands Oxford fabric, known for its resilience. This premium material ensures long-term performance when dealing with emergencies or harsh environments.

Your kit offers generous storage capacity at 45x18x33 cm dimensions, offering enough room to house all essential medical supplies and devices, from basic first aid supplies to more specialized devices.

Intelligent Compartmentalization:
Your emergency kit features an intelligent compartmentalization design to enable efficient storage and categorization of emergency supplies. Quick access to required items boosts emergency medical aid effectiveness and increases efficiency.

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Medical oxygen bag (42L)
Simple respirator (PVC / adult)
Blood glucose meter (full set)
Blood pressure gauge (dial)
Stethoscope (single)
Pressure Infusor Bag (500ml)
Aspirator (BSC-B1)
Anesthesia laryngoscope (adult)
T-shaped opener (13cm)
Tongue pliers (17cm)
Thermometer (mercury)
Percussion hammer (metal)
Tracheostomy Tubes (3#, 4#, 6#, 7#)
Endotracheal Tube Holder (IV type)
Neck immobilizer (Four-in-one)
Bandages (10x600cm and 96x96x135cm)
Medical absorbent gauze (5ox80cm)
Medical gauze (7.5×7.5cm-5p)
Sterile Dressings (10x10cm)
First Aid Blanket (130x210cm)
Roll Splints (11x90cm)
Medical Tourniquet (Cassette type)
Medical Elastic Mesh Caps (Disposable)
Breathable Tape (1.25x900cm)
Medical Exam Gloves (Disposable)
Medical Surgical Masks (Disposable)
Mouth-to-Mouth Breathing Masks (One-way valve)
Medical Ice Packs (120g)
Nasopharyngeal Airway (Silicone)
Band-Aids (Disposable)
Alcohol Pads (75% ethanol)
Iodine Cotton Pads (5x5cm)
Medical Flashlight (Pen type)
First Aid Manual
First Aid Bag
Hemostats (Straight and Elbow)
Needle Holder
Surgical Scissors (74cm and curved)
Dressing Tweezers
Tissue Forceps
Kidney Plate (Medium)
Kidney Dish Cloth (Medium)
Scalpel Handles (3# and 4#)
Scalpel Blades (10# Middle round knife, 11# Sharp knife, 23# Middle round knife)
Elastic Bandage (7.5x450cm)
Suture Needles (10pcs/package)
Non-absorbable Sutures
Absorbable Sutures
Medical Pads (Disposable)
Medical Hole Sheets (Disposable)
Surgical Marker (Eco-Friendly)
Notch Measuring Rulers (Paper/disposable)


Advantages of Airplane’s Medical Kit Customization Services

Customization is one of the main draws to our airplane medical kit. We understand that different airlines and organizations may have specific needs when it comes to emergency medical kits; by offering customization services, we ensure our kit satisfies them all perfectly. Benefits of our customization services include:

Our team works closely with you to understand your individual requirements and craft a medical kit tailored exactly to them. From customizing storage compartments and adding supplies, to branding elements incorporated into the kit – everything is done to meet those demands and exceed them!

Enhancing Efficiency and Accessibility:
Through customization, we optimize the organization and layout of a kit to optimize efficiency and accessibility. We can design compartments and labeling systems tailored specifically to you to ensure emergency supplies are readily accessible when they’re needed most – saving precious minutes that could even save lives!

Our customization services extend to including your brand identity elements like logos and colors into the design of our medical kits, not only increasing brand visibility but also reinforcing passenger safety and wellbeing.



An airplane emergency medical kit is an indispensable resource in case of medical emergencies onboard an airplane. Your high-quality airplane medical kit, featuring durable materials, spacious capacity, intelligent compartmentalization and customizable features is an exceptional solution for airlines and organizations seeking tailored emergency medical kits to ensure passenger well-being and demonstrate commitment to safety.

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